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Gary James Lectures

Gary James is a well-known and popular member of the magic community in Scotland. A full-time professional for over 20 years, his work covers the full spectrum, from entertaining families, to corporate clients, and has even taken him around the world, including performing at the F1 in Bahrain for the last two years.
Gary has won numerous awards throughout his career, and his own personal highlights include being awarded the ‘Murray Wand for Showmanship’ from the Scottish Association of Magic Societies, and the Award for Originality, which was presented to him by one of his idols, Doc Eason. Gary has also been awarded the Close-Up Magician of the Year at the Edinburgh Magic Circle on two Occasions.
In August 2013, Gary was inducted into the Magic Circle in London as an A.M.I.M.C. (Associate Member Of the Inner Magic Circle – with Silver Star).
10 years ago, he created the company ‘Pro Show Magic’. He has produced a number of effects over the years for some of the worlds top entertainers, and has recently designed and created a unique range of props which are new to the market this year.
His Pro-Show Lecture has been well received by numerous magical organisations, and is a mixture of ideas for the presentation of new effects, as well as a few twists on some classic effects. Gary will also be discussing and demonstrating some of his new products.
The lecture covers a wide range of magic, from close-up to stand-up, whilst also including something for Family Entertainers, ensuring that there is something that everyone can take away from the experience.
Gary looks forward to meeting the club members and guests, and will be offering great discounts on his wide range of products.
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Gary James Lectures

Lecture Reviews

“I recently attended Gary’s lecture at Newcastle Magic Circle; I knew it was going to be excellent, but I got way more than I could have ever hoped for. Gary is a very generous person in life and he carries that through to his magic. Even though Gary was demonstrating products from his Pro magic company (which you simply must check out) this was anything but a dealer dem”
“The products Gary did perform from the Pro range were received very well, as I knew they would be. The effects are very simple to perform and will leave the audience truly astounded. Gary has put a great deal of thought into the routines that accompany his products to make them flow from intrigue, to suspense, to wonder”
“What really blew my mind more than anything else on the night, was the amount of effects that Gary shared that weren’t Pro-Show products but effects he’s created with cards and everyday objects. This is going to make no sense whatsoever to those who haven’t seen Gary’s lecture, but the reason you MUST see it, coffee cups! See, I told you it would make no sense, but you MUST see the lecture for this gem alone as it was the absolute highlight of the evening for me”
“No hard sell here, Pro-Show products are excellent quality and all hand made by Gary, if not all, then most of them and above all else, they are excellent value for money! Along with the gems Gary has created in his many years as a magician, this lecture was a joy to be part of”
Finally, a word for bookers. Be strict on times with Gary, because if you let him get on a roll, he’ll be giving away a full loaf before you know it and you wouldn’t want to be going home late with a head full of awesome magic now, would you?
“Bottom line, great lecture by an absolute gent who is generous to a fault”
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